Friday, July 9, 2010

As the summer sets in the full swing of things, it dawned on me...  I am seriously slacking. Initially I intended to begin my vigorous blogging after the end of the spring semester. After countless excuses I realized so much more thought and concentration was needed in order to successfully run this blog. How could I be running a blog when the contents (which is the most important part) was the least of my worries? I was so hung up on the look that I never really thought about the FACT that I wasn't posting anything.
A close friend pointed out to me that simple was better. If I just kept it simple and worried about what I want to say, that I would be on the right track. You guys keep tight and thanks for hanging in there!!


Louela Daniele said...

haha my cousin has to remind me each day to keep posting something. she lives in new jersey and blogging is usually how she sees what im up to epseically we live soo far away and rarely talk!

keep posting! im a slacker too! i had no idea it was soo much work!

TAMMY said...

Cool blog...Im following you...come check out my blog and be sure to follow me back. Thanks in advance!

ABIGAIL NY said...

Don't sweat it, as bloggers it's hard at a times to blog so often!
Just drop a little line to show you're still alive :)