Thursday, February 18, 2010


Sorry, guys I know I have been neglecting you. Do not fear I will be stepping it up. School has been really kicking my ass. So stay tuned and I will be back soon! Thank you guys so much for following me I hope to gain more followers & I know that I have to BRING IT & I will!


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Curtian Call: I Need This Ensemble In My Life!!

Curtain Call

A little Betsy 
A little Urban Out Fitters 
Some bright Red


Frog or Prince?

I have exposed myself 
To too many frogs
In hopes of finding my prince 
In a search for that one 
I've found my self with none 

nothing to look back on... 

in all honesty
 I've been kissing so many frogs to find my prince 
I forgot I needed 
to find myself
in order for anything to work
 & though in a consistent manor
I would tell my self
If I loved me 
everything would fall into
I hid the desperate longing 
for a companion
 under the idea that I wasn't looking for anyone... 
who was I kidding...
 every time I fell in "like" I fought the erge to want the frog to be mine... 
sad but so 
I didn't know that all along
 if I loved me 
I would be fine... 
I by passed the truth 
& walked straight into lies... 
lies I've told my self
 lies I've been told 
& lies I hid under the ugly truth... 
  Is it me...?? 
is it them?? 
Needless to say I've been selling myself short 
stumbling over these dead ends... 
holding on to so much pain...
 not letting go... 
that's why I was NEVER capable of 
waiting for a budding
to transform 
like a Frog to Prince
I never wanted to wait...
in return
I have nothing

Scratch that!

My journey 
has not been in vain
I have learned many lessons
& can now say that...
I am in no rush
Capable of spotting the signs
Frog or Prince?
Every girl should know
there is an obvious
in a
frog thats just a frog
a prince who is mutually waiting
for the right time
& the right kiss

With love


My Rendition of a Perfect Spring Ensemble


Simply 'Kicking' it...

        This would be a perfect late spring outfit for a night on the town 
versatile enough for casual lunch or a formal date 
& comfortable enough to just chill in.

  1. Jeans:  WILLIAM RAST  [$125-]
  2. Booties: Giuseppe Zanotti Perforated leather ankle boots [$450]
  3. Clutch: Alexander McQueen Knuckl Duster 
  4. Cardigan: Rebecca Taylor Fringged wool-blen cardigan [$365]
  5. Blouse: Calypso St. Barth: Clothing: Tops: Rachana [$65]

Many of those prices are far from my reach at the moment but a girl can dream... [sigh]

With Love From
   -FRANCE ; )

Lady GaGa deserved "Album of The Year"

& they award for "Album of the year" goes to... 

Taylor Swift

I know I maybe a tad bit late with the Grammy's topic but, I must say my purpose is to only discuss how bothered I was that Lady GaGa did'nt win "Album of the Year." I have no issue with Taylor swift seeing as though she is also a "newbie."  But come on, as and artist Lady GaGa DELIVERS as a performer she DELIVERS, and for her to be a pop artist and can really sing!  This woman is D.O.P.E

Hopefully in the new year Lady GaGa keeps up with EXCELLENT WORK  & Taylor congrats your doing big things for your age. Keep it up!! 
I'm no hater!

With Love from...

Monday, February 1, 2010

Artist of the WEEK Miguel Jontel!!


         I am boggled at this mans music. I don't want to sound like the ultimate groupie but he is definitely what music is missing right now. A close friend of mines [who I must say has a keen ear for music] put me on to Miguel Jontel last summer, and since then I have been jamming to anything I can get my hands on by him.
A few of my favorites are:
-Strawberry Amazing
-Young and Free
- I still Try
- Let's Just Be [which I believe was written by Neyo (correct me if I am wrong)]
- Dig [this is by far one of my Favorites you have to see him preform this!!]

He seems cool and down to earth & has even thanked me for showing him love on twitter!!

This man has charisma & incredible stage presence & his voice is AMAZING!!


Follow him on twitter @Migmoney

With Love

    -FRANCE ; )