Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Lady GaGa deserved "Album of The Year"

& they award for "Album of the year" goes to... 

Taylor Swift

I know I maybe a tad bit late with the Grammy's topic but, I must say my purpose is to only discuss how bothered I was that Lady GaGa did'nt win "Album of the Year." I have no issue with Taylor swift seeing as though she is also a "newbie."  But come on, as and artist Lady GaGa DELIVERS as a performer she DELIVERS, and for her to be a pop artist and can really sing!  This woman is D.O.P.E

Hopefully in the new year Lady GaGa keeps up with EXCELLENT WORK  & Taylor congrats your doing big things for your age. Keep it up!! 
I'm no hater!

With Love from...

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