Monday, February 1, 2010

Artist of the WEEK Miguel Jontel!!


         I am boggled at this mans music. I don't want to sound like the ultimate groupie but he is definitely what music is missing right now. A close friend of mines [who I must say has a keen ear for music] put me on to Miguel Jontel last summer, and since then I have been jamming to anything I can get my hands on by him.
A few of my favorites are:
-Strawberry Amazing
-Young and Free
- I still Try
- Let's Just Be [which I believe was written by Neyo (correct me if I am wrong)]
- Dig [this is by far one of my Favorites you have to see him preform this!!]

He seems cool and down to earth & has even thanked me for showing him love on twitter!!

This man has charisma & incredible stage presence & his voice is AMAZING!!


Follow him on twitter @Migmoney

With Love

    -FRANCE ; )

1 comment:

EV. said...

oh i love him! he has a great song called "be my little vixxen" i love it!