Sunday, January 31, 2010


With out further a do...
I would like to present you with me: FRANCE
A very sweet girl from BK, whom I suggest you follow her blog: The eRRa of aRRe  
came up with the name I_see_FRANCE for twitter when I was at a lost 
for any kind of creative insight.Thanks aRRe!! with out you I wouldn't 
calling myself: FRANCE
and therefor wouldn't have this Blog tittle
I blog for me and you.
You: the viewer will see what I like things that interest me 
        things I may not agree with and it will be you the reader that will allow me to master my craft
What ever that may be
Whether it's:
or just expressing myself
 And as time goes by I will improve myself as a person

I hope you enjoy and please feel free to speak your mind 
I apreciate constructive criticism 
It will only help me master my CRAFT

With love
  -FRANCE ; )

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CakedupCLIPS said...

Okay Cool ima Follow your Blog hope You Do the Same.

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